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Okay, so you want a remote job 'cause you think you'll make more money, have more freedom & even travel the world, am I right? But the actual process of landing that dream job is a nightmare.

That's why I created this FREE, 5-day challenge for you. It's packed with the strategies and motivation you need to become a remote job DREAM candidate in just 5-days.

We start on Monday, April 15th.

Are you in?

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I am SO excited to meet you, fellow freedom-seeker!

I’ve been working remotely and living abroad since 2013, and boy, has my journey had its ups-and-downs . . .

From autoimmune disease, spending 5 months in bed recovering from a car accident, leaving an abusive relationship, to healing after a loved one’s suicide, I’ve had more than a few wake-up calls, or #FleetingLife moments as I like to call them.

I designed this site to help fellow badass ladies get the most out of life,
with content to help increase your money, health and happiness.

I’m so glad to be on this journey with you. 💛


Courses & Kits:

Freedom Finder

A 4-week (direct to your inbox) coaching program with an abundance of TLC to help you land the remote job of your dreams!

This is for those who feel stuck and need some extra motivation, or just want someone to have their back all the way from “I hate my job” to “I just landed the BEST F*ING JOB EVER”

✨ Free 5-day Challenge ✨

Join our free Remote Jobs Challenge to become a remote job DREAM candidate in just 5 days.

This LIVE challenge is going down via Email & Facebook Live, starting on Monday, April 15th.

Are you in?

Marketing Empire

Become a full-stack marketer in HIGH demand (in just 8 weeks). It will help you get paid experience (even if you’re a newb), build a portfolio that WOWs & teach you industry outsourcing secrets.

This is for anyone who wants to stay sane while effortlessly landing really high-paying clients and make more moolah than ever.

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