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Nicole Collins

Hi all! I’m Nicole Collins: gypsy, believer in magic, writer, dancer. I am passionately curious with an insatiable appetite for life and new experiences. In November 2013, I quit my job, sold all my belongings and booked a one-way ticket to India to find out what was wrong with my life and ultimately found what is right with it. Traveling, dancing, and writing have captivated my heart and given way to a life full of passion and art. I can’t get enough of pillow pets, chocolate, and laughing (when you imagine me laughing, picture me as a Muppet with the top of my head falling back and an obnoxious belly laugh emerging from the depths of my core). I believe in making the most out of life, staying optimistic despite your circumstances and smiling everyday while taking advantage of the opportunities the universe throws your way. One thing I’ve learned is fear is temporary, regret is forever!