The Best Holiday Gift for the Socially Conscious Traveler in Your Life

Holiday shopping is a tricky beast for pretty much everyone.

When looking for the perfect gift for someone who is socially conscious AND spends a lot of time on the road, it’s exceptionally tough.

Nearly anything you buy risks being tossed into a box, never to be seen again, because it’s just not essential enough to make the cut for their travel pack.

If your item does make it into their suitcase, chances are it’s something useful, yet boring. Think: a folding water bottle, packing cubes, or a quick-dry towel. *yawn*

Do these gifts scream social consciousness OR that you’ve even put much thought into what to give them? Not so much.

Here’s an alternative that hits all the marks and will win you the “Coolest Friend of the Year” award:

A gift that actively changes the lives of children around the globe, helps them to become globally-enlightened, culturally-aware little buggers.


Cross Cultural Connect provides a technology-based educational platform that connects children from around the world in their daily classroom, granting them a kind of eye-opening cultural experience that has always been exclusive to a privileged few (aka children of wealthy parents who prioritize culturally-immersive travel experiences for their kids. Yup, a very select few!)

CCC was founded by an incredibly inspirational teacher, traveler, entrepreneur and adventurer, Kayla Angstadt. The fact that Kayla is one of the coolest people on the planet, and that I’m lucky enough to call her one of my best friends, has very little to do with why I’m sharing CCC with you today.

cross cultural connect

CCC’s international success over the past 5 years has been nothing short of amazing, and has already been adopted by schools in the US, Costa Rica, Peru, Chile, and Ethiopia.

However, there is still SO much left to do on the journey to create the most culturally-aware generation on the planet, and every dollar makes a significant impact!

Kayla explains it best:

“With each connection we make, we find another school in the area who is less fortunate than the first as our focus for the next connection. With every $3,000 benchmark we are able to raise, we will be able to adequately connect more and more schools around the world. We will have the ability to continue to branch out and locate the remote schools where the communities are defined, embraced, and unified by their culture.

We are more than willing to literally travel to the ends of the earth for this cause, but I cannot do it alone. Your donation will directly improve and enhance the quality of world-wide education as well as in the schools of your own community. YOU will become an active member of a cultural awareness movement and have done your part as a positively impacting global citizen. Join our cause today and tomorrow we will create a world-wide classroom together.”

Click here to donate to Cross Cultural Connect, then share it on Facebook to let your awesome socially-conscious traveler friend know you’ve done so in their honor. I promise that anyone who has had travel change their life will LOVE it!

cross cultural connect

Keep in mind that these kids will eventually grow up to rule the world, and with the empathy and open-mindedness they’ll cultivate from CCC, they could reasonably put an end to prejudice, wars, and human rights issues.

Wishing everyone a fantastic holiday season full of compassion and health!

xx Chris