Failing at Facebook? Here’s How to Finally Rock Your Facebook Strategy in 2016


Hey guys – I’m SUPER excited to announce that I’m now working as a Facebook Ad Consultant! I’ll be posting more about my services and ad packages in the next couple of weeks.

Keep your eyes open if you’re in need of some Facebook ad wizardry but you’ve been on the fence about paying a consultant, since my beta packages will be INSANELY cheap for the first few clients 😉

However, since so many of my readers are digital nomads who either own a small business/blog online OR are looking to develop profitable freelance skills so they can kiss their boring desk job goodbye, I don’t want you guys to miss out on the chance to get in on this super sweet deal that was such a game-changer in my own success working online.

It might be counterintuitive to want to help you guys figure out how to rock your own Facebook Ads (as I’ll probably lose some potential clients! oops…) but I feel obligated to pass this on because it has been SUCH an important stepping stone for my online career in the past year:

My #1 hack for finally rocking your Facebook Ads is to get your shit together and learn from a pro.

absolutefbads-gacourse-bonus-fbad (1)

With the insane amount of information overload regarding Facebook ads and the never-ending changes to the algorithm and Power Editor, keeping the facts straight can get seriously dizzying.

When you’re self-employed and on a budget it’s so easy to get sucked into the mindset of “I’ll do it myself,” rather than outsource it to an expert, but that often means you end up putting off the most complicated projects for mañana (I am so guilty of this.)

Trying to master Facebook ads on your own via random outdated blog posts & blindly throwing your money into test campaigns is definitely not the best use of your time or budget (yup, been guilty of this too).

Right now my go-to-gal for Facebook ads, Claire Pelletreau, is offering a really great bonus for anyone who purchases her DIY course, Absolute FB Ads.

From now until December 23, you get free access to her SUPER simple video course all about Google Analytics.

GA and Facebook ads go hand-in-hand – after all, how do you know what you should be spending money promoting if you don’t know what people are doing once they get over to your site? Don’t make big marketing decisions without understanding your numbers.

Don’t miss out on this awesome bonus – grab your copy of both courses today:

Absolute Facebook Ads + Google Analytics BONUS

***Disclaimer and extra bonus: The above links are affiliate links to a product I’ve purchased on my own & believe in 100%. If you purchase via my link I will receive a commission at no extra cost to you whatsoever.

ALSO, if you end up buying Claire’s Absolute Facebook Ads Self-Study Course before Dec 23 via my link, I’ll personally look over your first FB ad campaign and send you a brief report with some of my own tweaks and suggestions for free.

Holler at me if you have any questions about my experience with the course, as I’m totally happy to answer! (OR drop me a line if you’re interested in beta testing one of my upcoming ad packages for 65% off my final price)

Happy Holidays!