A Digital Nomad’s Dream: Affordable Paradise in Lipari

Everyone – digital nomads and earthlings alike, dreams of finding a gorgeous, unpretentious paradise that feels luxurious but doesn’t cost a fortune.


When I booked an 8-day stay in Canneto on Lipari Island (one of the Aeolian Islands off the coast of Sicily), I honestly knew nothing about the place. I barely did any research before deciding to stay here; all I knew was that I needed to spend a week somewhere calm so I could focus on my work, and the photos of the apartment on Airbnb looked lovely.


I am so glad I trusted my instincts because this is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever visited. Since it’s not high-season yet, there are very few tourists and the daily pace of life is slower than molasses.

aeolian islands

It’s like we have this incredible paradise all to ourselves, and what could possibly be more relaxing than that?

lipari italy

lipari italy

The kicker: we’re only paying around $47 USD/night to rent a huge apartment that can sleep 4 people. The town is so quaint and picturesque – even our tiny little cobblestone street that leads directly to the sea looks like it was plucked directly out of a children’s storybook.

Here’s a video walk-through of my apartment for the week (watch in HD if possible!):

To indulge your gluttonous side, there’s a great restaurant next door that makes homemade wood-fire pizzas for only 5Euros. I’ve never seen a pizza so cheap anywhere, and this is the real deal people! There are also numerous cafes with the best espresso I’ve ever tasted, and of course no Sicilian vacation would be complete without copious amounts of gelato and cannoli! (OK, I never said paradise was a good place to lose weight…)

lipari italy



Did I mention Lipari is right next to Stromboli, one of the Aeolian islands that is home to the most active volcano in the world? We’ll be going on an excursion tomorrow to hike the volcano and watch the lava flow, which, assuming everything goes as planned, will easily become one of the coolest things I’ll ever do. Keep your eyes open for a post on that very soon!

Photo via Flickr CC/Marco Lazzaroni


Let’s chat! Would you like to visit Lipari or one of the Aeolian Islands, or would you prefer a different type of getaway?