Washington, D.C. – Beyond the Monuments and Museums

When you think of traveling to Washington, D.C., the first places you probably think of visiting are the many monuments and museums that the city contains. It’s easy to see why: it is pretty spectacular to walk down the tree-lined paths that surround the Reflecting Pool and gaze at the Lincoln Memorial in the west […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Lisbon, Portugal (& why it should be at the top of your Euro-bucket list)

I know I went on and on about how my time in Galway was a love affair for the ages, and I still maintain that a piece of my heart belongs there, but I can’t deny that Lisbon was like a delightfully refreshing summer fling. With it’s sexy slow-paced rhythm, winding white-and-black tiled streets, gentle […]

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4 Romantic European Travel Destinations

How do you keep your relationship exciting and fresh? Spontaneous romantic gestures? Going away on regular holidays together? Maybe you prefer to spice things up over a bottle of wine or a shared breakfast in bed (or both, which is a perfectly acceptable combination on Valentine’s day ;) ). According to a survey by Monarch, 56% of […]

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4 Do’s & Don’ts for an Unforgettable NYC Christmas

DO these things for an unforgettable NYC Christmas experience: 1) Eat at Rolf’s German Restaurant. During the holiday season Rolf’s has the most Christmas lights and decorations that you will ever see jam packed into one small space. This is honestly my favorite thing to do in NYC during the holiday season, and I’m pretty […]

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